Having been on my own transformation journey for health and fitness, as well as my studies and research I have developed my top 8 ways to transform your life.

I plan do discuss each of these individually with my Blog pages that you may follow for more on my top strategies. Below are my 8 top ways to transform your life.

  1. 20-30 minutes of exercise daily
  2. Hydration
  3. Eat Real food, from the rainbow
  4. Take 15 minutes to write out your gratitude
  5. Read 10 pages of a book or read for 15 minutes
  6. Plan your meals, and your shopping list
  7. Laugh
  8. Give yourself grace to not be perfect

I will be sharing and discussing the exercises that I have found most effective for a women over the age of 50 years., when, what types, and the benefits.

I will be sharing the benefits of Hydration, with updates as my journey goes forward.

I will discuss the nutrition plans and methods I am using for my success with my own personal journey and those of others as they provide their testimonials to me.

Finally, I am going to be discussing more about my self care, and self-development to start and continue on my journey 2Be My Best Health.

Until then remember taking care of yourself will make you a healthier, happier wife, mom, sister and friend.

Coach Cindy